Nestybox enhances the power of containers.

We are working on enabling Docker containers to run all types of workloads, not just apps. This includes running systemd, Docker, Kubernetes, and more inside containers (we call these containers system containers), easily and securely (no privileged containers).

Our goal is to help you use Docker containers a virtualized infrastructure, rather than just microservice deployment. That is, use Docker containers as an alternative to VMs to deploy virtual host environments, one that is significantly easier to use, more performant, more portable, and much more efficient.

This is very useful for development, local testing, CI/CD, replacing VMs, and more.

Our initial product is a container runtime called Sysbox that integrates with Docker and works under the covers. You use Docker to deploy these enhanced “VM-like” system containers.

Check our website for more info and a free download of our software.